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"Weston did an incredible job keeping our wedding on track while also paying attention to what kind of music our guests responded to. He was able to make our day seamless, comfortable, and encourage the most involvement from everyone we had invited. Thank you!"

"THIS GUY!!!!! He literally saved my daughter's sweet 16 party. THIS GUY!!!

My original DJ calls me 2 hours before my party and says his equipment wasn't working.....uhhhhh.......really?? I have 65 high school kids arriving at my house in 2 hours!!!! After snapping out of my shock, I look up DJ's on yelp and DJ Cee pops up. I call him and Ceasar answers the phone. I tell him my dilemma and he says "ok...gimme 10 minutes, I'll see what I can do". Unfortunately he was already working a gig but he was going to call out to his network of DJ's to see who was available. 8 minutes later he calls me and says all his guys are booked but to give him another few minutes to make some more calls. Caesar was literally setting up for his own gig, but still made time to make some calls for me. THIS GUY!!!! He calls me back 5 minutes later and says "I got a DJ for you!". I cannot express how thankful I was. He sends out DJ Weston to my house. Weston was literally packing up from a gig that finished at 5pm in Burbank and got to my house at 7pm in Santa Clarita. He set up his really nice equipment pretty quickly and started my party. He showed up looking clean and fresh, like I was his only gig that day. He cleaned up on the way just so that he looked professional and fresh for my party....class act!! He asked my daughter for a play list and he put his list together on the spot. Weston even interacted with the kids (which they thought was great). He kept everyone entertained and judging by all the screams as a new song played....I think he hit all the major songs they wanted. The kids danced for 3 hours straight!!!! It was so much fun. At the end of the night he gathered everyone on the dance floor to sing Happy Birthday to my daughter.....a nice unexpected gesture and a great way to end the music and a great way to politely tell everyone the party was over...haha. THIS GUY!!!! DJ Cee and DJ Weston are a class act. A terrible situation yielded a great professional DJ to use at any future event. Oh, and he didn't screw me over with an absurd rate for the last minute notice. THAT SAYS ETHICAL!!! Can't wait to call him again for my next event!!! Thanks Caesar, and thanks Weston!!"

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